The human body is a powerful machine designed to run on water and minerals, however, without proper hydration the body simply does not perform at optimal levels. Intravenous hydration therapy is an innovative approach to health and wellness. IV hydration therapy is one of the safest, quickest, and most effective ways to deliver vital nutrients to the body. Whether you’re sick, hungover, jet-lagged, or an athlete, we carry several hydration treatment packages to suit your needs. It’s simple: no co-pays or long waits which means you can get back to your active lifestyle quicker!


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We use only the purest forms of essential vitamins and nutrients for all of our hydration packages. When delivered intravenously, these nutrients bypass the stomach and are not affected by intestinal absorption which makes them available for immediate use. This also means you’re getting 100 percent of the vitamins your body craves! With proper hydration the body instinctively remains healthy, repairs & rebuilds, and fends off invading organisms.


Check out some of our favorite 5-Star Google Reviews!

“I have been going to see Corey for years. The Membership’s package works great, these have given me the correct vitamins and minerals I need on a monthly basis, Gr8 boost before a big Trail run, Ascent or Spartan Obstacle race, and the recovery is half of the time. I deal with multi immune issues and I feel this has truly helped stabilize things a bit more. I am down less than half of the time when I am ill. I have also taken my Mother on occasion as well, for our “IV” cocktail 🍹”

Shazzy Fair

“More people should be doing this. I went for the first time after my second covid vaccine shot anticipating that I wouldn’t be feeling great. Going here actually made me feel better than I felt before. The whole experience is amazing. I had the “Immune Tune” package and a vitamin B12 shot. He takes really good care of you. I do plan to go more often and it is so well worth it. If you’re even considering it, just do it. You won’t regret it.”

Claudine Kunstt

“I absolutely love this place. Elevation Hydration is the best IV therapy in Colorado springs. I get anything from a B-12 fat burner to the full immune boost IV. I love everything. I always feel so much better, have great results and my immune system has never been healthier.”

Brandy Conrad

“Corey happily came to our home and administered an IV as well as an injection while my husband was battling Covid as well as an infection. He saved us a trip to the emergency room and we will be forever grateful for his services. He was kind and extremely knowledgeable, and was friendly to my two boys. Elevation Hydration is an excellent business and one we will use in the future and recommend to our friends and family.”

Kaitlinn Hanken

“I was feeling extremely fatigued and my blood pressure was through the roof. I had a friend recommend me to visit Corey and I’m so glad I did. He was very knowledgeable with answering my questions and concerns. After receiving two liters, I left feeling way more stable. I woke up the next day hydrated and ready to go. Definitely will become a member and visit monthly.”

Amanda Wolf

“This was the best experience ever. Did the Myers yesterday and today I feel amazing. I did not realize how bad I needed hydration. Calling to book again for sure the sooner the better.”

Julie Garcia

“Wonderful service! Easiest IV I’ve ever had. Corey is the best! I’ve already recommended to multiple friends and family members! I’ll be back for sure! Go get your hydration on!”

Leah Rohman

“Awesome service and professional staff! My family and I have been here several times. We highly recommend you partake in the services provided, especially if you are new to the area and trying to get use to the elevation.”

Tony Perkins

“I highly recommend Elevation Hydration! I had a sauna session & then an IV hydration session after that. They even had a shower available after the sauna session. It was a relaxing experience. I’m a nurse & can validate that everything was performed professionally & safely. The place is very clean & the staff are friendly. I met the owner & he is a very kind, hospitable, & professional man. I will definitely be going back on the regular!”

Dana McMullen

“Being new to Colorado, I didn’t realize how much the altitude would affect my overall well being. As an EMR Trainer, I could not afford to take a day or two off from work , or show shows of “dragging “ to my class. One of my students spoke highly of ELEVATION HYDRATION, and she brought in a printout of the packages offered. After reviewing the offerings, I made an appointment for that same weekend, using the web portal- it was so easy btw! Upon arrival, I was greeted warmly, and professionally by Cory- He explained everything I needed to know and, he had such a reassuring nature. There were no price surprises, and everything was above board and transparent. I felt really good after the infusion, and I was able to complete some errands without feeling tired and short winded!!! I will definitely pass along the recommendation!!”

Karen Hankins


Here’s how it works: You visit our office and fill out a brief medical questionnaire. After speaking with a member of our team, we select a hydration package that will best suit you. Add-ons are available with all of our therapies whether you’re looking for a boost of energy, increased immune support, or athletic recovery. You can plan on about 45 minutes or less for your hydration session.

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