Testimonies from our Colorado Springs customers on Vitamin Hydration Drips for Hangovers, Jet Lag, Food Poisoning & Flu Relief

Macy B.

5 stars isn’t enough! Corey is an absolute life saver. I have a little one and get sick often. I don’t take care of myself like I should and having a place I can run to when I’m feeling down for the pick me up I need is amazing. If I go in right when I’m feeling sick I don’t get sick, and if I do happen to wait too long, it knocks it out every time. Plus he works with my schedule and gets me in and out quickly when I have to return to work. He is very clean, efficient and extremely personable. I am beyond happy to have found Elevation Hydration and recommended it to everyone I can!

Alyson R.

After a brutal 24+ hour airport fiasco and a flight from 500 ft to Colorado Springs at 6,500 ft, I had one of the worst motion sickness migraines I’ve ever experienced. I was referred to Corey and he dropped his schedule to meet with me and hook me up to a Myers’ Cocktail. Before I had the IV my head was pounding so hard I had to physically hold pressure on my forehead. I was massively dehydrated from traveling and suffering from high anxiety. About halfway through the IV, I felt less pressure in my head and I was much more calm. On the ride home I was hungry for the first time all day and my symptoms never returned. I’m so grateful to Elevation Hydration for giving me an extremely fast remedy and providing my body with the vitamins it was missing.”

Dylan S.

Corey and Elevation Hydration are fantastic. He saved my wedding for me! My old college friends came into town and unfortunately the yummy 291 Whiskey crept up on me the night before my wedding. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up Saturday morning and couldn’t function. My buddy informed me of Elevation Hydration. I was back to 90 percent by the time I left and the day ended up perfectly. Thanks to Corey and Elevation Hydration for saving my wedding day for me!

Alisha W.

“My husband and I caught the stomach flu simultaneously. Elevation Hydration came to our rescue! They had everything we needed for nausea, pain, and dizziness, and immediately my symptoms began to subside. Elevation Hydration spared us from enduring a long stay at the hospital. Thank you so much for your immediate, cost-effective, and successful treatment”.

Jason R.

“In a time when long waits are the norm for medical attention, Elevation Hydration offers a refreshing and efficient experience. I was taken back promptly upon my arrival and Corey was professional, courteous, and thorough. I was finished 10 minutes earlier than expected. I would highly recommend Elevation Hydration!”

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