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5 tips for never getting sick

Nobody has time to get sick. But it always seems like we catch some sort of bug at the absolute worst time. We’re forced to miss school, work, and fun activities in Colorado Springs with loved ones. Granted, there’s no surefire cure for the common cold. However, there are steps you can take to boost your immune system and fend off the next sickness that goes around. Keep reading to learn our five tips for never getting sick in Colorado Springs.


5 Tips for Getting Rid of a Cold

  1. Get a flu shot – WebMD confirms that nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population contracts the flu virus each year. Taking it a step further, nearly 200,000 Americans are hospitalized with the illness annually. With flu season just around the corner, be proactive and make sure you get a flu shot. The vaccine is offered at local Colorado Springs drugstores and grocery stores for your convenience. There’s even a good chance your employer will be offering them for free.
  2. Spend time outside – There’s nothing like enjoying Mother Nature this time of year in Colorado Springs. Getting outside does two things for your body. For one, escaping into the fresh air gives you a break from all the germs inside. Secondly, exercising outside can actually boost your immunity. So while you may enjoy staying warm and cozy indoors, be sure to set aside some time for the outdoors.
  3. Make time to relax – Experts continue to emphasize the importance of relaxing. Why? Well, being stressed increases the chances of catching a cold due to the ongoing release of hormones such as glucocorticoids. These stress hormones limit the body’s ability to produce cytokines, a disease-fighting response from the immune system. If you feel as though you’re overwhelmed, take a step back and remember to take care of yourself.
  4. Wash those hands – It’s conventional wisdom, and yet, a lot of folks fail to do it as often as they should. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, soap and water remain most effective in efforts toward not catching a cold. Pro tip: Use a hands-free dispenser and opt for regular soap instead of antibacterial. Lather for about 20 seconds before rinsing and be sure to dry thoroughly, as damp hands are more likely to spread bacteria.
  5. Catch plenty of zzz’s – This article from cites an interesting study from 2009 regarding sleep. It found that anything less than seven hours of sleep nearly triples your odds of catching a cold. Keep in mind that this means seven straight hours, not accounting for restlessness in the middle of the night.

Boost Your Immunity with IV Therapy

Today, we are rarely presented all options when it comes to getting and staying healthy. The human body has an amazing amount of innate intelligence in order to fend off disease and shield itself from toxins. There are times when medications simply don’t do the trick. That’s why we have to take it upon ourselves and boost our immune functions naturally. Doing so encourages the body to do what it does best and that’s heal and stay healthy.

This is where IV therapy comes into the equation. With how busy our schedules are, it can be a challenge trying to stay healthy. Elevation Hydration in Colorado Springs is changing the way we approach the common cold. Our IV vitamin therapy experts use only the purest forms of vitamins and nutrients for our hydration packages. Since they’re delivered intravenously, you’re getting 100 percent of the vitamins that are essential for wellness. Don’t forget that with proper hydration, the body remains healthy, repairs and rebuilds, and keeps invading organisms at bay.

Here are the two Immune Tune IV hydration packages we offer:

Immune Tune

Looking to boost your immunity or kick that cold in a hurry? Then this package has your name all over it! This IV oxygen therapy package includes vitamins C and D3, zinc, and glutathione.

Myers’ Cocktail

Think of the Myers’ Cocktail as a powerhouse multivitamin in a bag. It’s packed with B-complex vitamins, B-12, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium.

At Elevation Hydration, we can get you back on the road to recovery. With 45-minute sessions available, it’s no secret why so many folks in Colorado are seeing what we’re all about.

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