IV Therapy & Vitamins for Hangover Cure in Colorado Springs 

What if I told you that you could significantly reduce or eliminate the symptoms of a hangover in 45 minutes or less? We have a solution that doesn't require an emergency room visit and it's at a fraction of the cost!

We've all been there. You hit the town with a group of friends for a night of celebrating and you promise yourself it's only going to be a couple of drinks. What was supposed to be a mild night out somehow turned into one too many drinks and you showing off your dance moves. You feel great right now, but what about tomorrow?

In a few hours you'll wake to a pounding headache, your mouth is as dry as the desert, you're nauseated, and you feel like one of the extras in The Walking Dead. You don't want to lose a full day to this killer hangover so what do you do?

Our Hang(OVER) hydration package can be the miracle cure after a night of drinking. Combined with B-Complex vitamins (which are depleted with alcohol consumption), nausea and anti-inflammatory medication, you really can beat that stubborn hangover in 45 minutes or less! It's the same prescribed treatment the doctors and nursing staff use in the emergency room at a fraction of the cost. So you'll get your day back instead of chugging Gatorade on the couch saying those famous words.... "I'm never drinking again".

What is it about alcohol that can turn a wonderful Saturday night into an agonizing Sunday morning? Skip to 1:23 if you really want to know!