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Lakeisha Freeman
Lakeisha Freeman
Awesome experience! Amazing attention to detail, and the customer service I cannot put into words! Will definitely recommend and will be back on a regular basis.
melissa Lance
melissa Lance
I get dehydrated really easy and it's hard for me to recover, usually taking about 3 days before I feel any better. I went to Elevation Hydration for the first time yesterday and spoke with Henry. Henry was amazing, answered all of my questions, was extremely professional, and very personable. The office was clean and comfortable. I felt amazing after my appointment, this was money and time well spent. I would 100% recommend this place.
Karen Gordon
Karen Gordon
Awesome visit as usual. Thank you Henry for your professionalism and kindness!
From blood draws to IV hydration this is the place. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and very clean environment.
Jewel Agrrco
Jewel Agrrco
I called late on a Friday afternoon. Luckily I live close by and Henry was able to squeeze me in. He was so great at it! Didn't feel a thing. He gave me helpful advice. Truly appreciated the wonderful service.
Jonni McCoy
Jonni McCoy
Amazing staff and service!
Henry is amazing at starting IVs. I had recently been hospitalized and my veins were really beat up from all the IVs and PICC line I had gotten. But he nailed it the first time and it was probably the least pain I've ever had when getting an IV. The Meyers cocktail is something I've gotten at doctors offices, so I responded exactly how I expected (more energy and feeling more hydrated). But what sets this place above and beyond is the customer service. I am 100% planning on going back.
Ethylin Washington
Ethylin Washington
Elevation Hydration is a regular part of my health maintenance. I always feel like I am doing something good for my body. Monthly hydration with B Complex, Vitamin C, D and antioxidants makes me feel great. They have a very welcoming and friendly environment. Their staff are very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended!!!
Grant Finley
Grant Finley
I've worked with Corey before on the streets and as one of his employees and you won't find a better boss. Awesome staff and amazing professional customer service from this business.
Patrick Rafferty
Patrick Rafferty
Great staff and comfortable atmosphere. The go to place for IV therapy in Colorado Springs.

Why IV Hydration Therapy?

Go from “bleh” to feeling like a million bucks with your IV hydration therapy treatment. More than 6,400 customers have trusted us so they can:

  • Improve immune health
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve depression symptoms
  • Improve anxiety symptoms
  • Improve mental clarity 
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Reduce migraine symptoms
  • Improve asthma symptoms
  • Improve allergies
  • Combat fatigue
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Maintain muscle & tissue strength
  • Alleviate hangover symptoms
  • Boost nutrient deficiencies
  • Support chemical detox
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Increase relaxation
  • Support weight loss
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After you book, you’ll get a confirmation email sent directly to your inbox with your appointment date and time. 

When you come in to see us for your booked appointment, we’ll have you fill out a brief medical questionnaire that lets us get to know you a bit better. 

That questionnaire plus some friendly conversation with one of our staff will help us select a hydration package that will best suit your needs. 

We do offer add-ons with all of our IV therapies, whether you’re looking for a boost of energy, increased immune support, or athletic recovery. We basically have a drip for everything. 

How long does each IV therapy session take?

About 45 minutes. While you relax in our comfy recliners you can watch tv, read a book, play on your phone, or strike up a convo with the people next to you.

Here’s what’s included in every IV therapy session: 

  • [THING 1]
  • [THING 2]
  • [THING 3]
  • [THING 4]
  • [THING 5]

IV Therapy Packages

Start at $79

$79 IV Drip

Deliver hydration and nutrients directly to your body

IV Therapy Add-Ons

Take your IV hydration therapy to the next level


Skip the IV. Get what you body needs quick and easy

Our IV Therapy Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll enjoy your experience with us or you get your money back, no questions asked. All you have to do is let us know before you leave your IV therapy session. 

We have over 6,400 customers who trust us with their IV Therapy and Hydration needs. 

Lounge in our comfy recliners, read a book, watch TV, or strike up a convo with other patrons while you find rejuvenation and refreshment.

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