Elevation Hydration’s New Location at The Farm Athletic Performance Center

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Over the past couple of years, we’ve been extremely fortunate to build up a wonderful clientele at our Colorado Springs location off of Academy and now we’ve opened up a new location focused on all the Colorado Springs athletes!

Founded with a passion for getting Coloradans back to their busy lives, Elevation Hydration’s new location is located at 2660 Vickers Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 inside The Farm Athletic Performance Center.

What Is The Farm Athletic Performance Center

Located in Colorado Springs, the Farm Athletic Performance center is a new facility that’s goal and focus is to give athletes of all ages and abilities a place to come together and reach their full potential.

Each partner of The Farm was vetted to ensure that they are the best fit for the athletic community of Colorado Springs. Each business is directed and led by either former D1 coaches, professional athletes, fully-licensed medical professionals or industry experts.

Ultimately, The Farm is an athletic performance center equipped with activities for ALL athletes. At The Farm, families can look forward to training, competing, recovery training and gathering for a meal all in one place.

A few of the services provided at The Farm include: 



Chiropractic Services

Intravenous vitamins (IV Hydration)



Cafe/Bar and Go Meals

For a full list visit The Farm’s website.

Why We Joined The Farm Athletic Performance Center

The Farm Athletic Performance center is unlike any other facility available in Colorado Springs. At The Farm there is something for every person in the family to do, no matter what their interest is.

Prior to The Farm’s construction, families would have to travel all around Colorado Springs to give themselves and their children the best sports training out there.

Now, your child(ren) can get their training sessions while you have your own workout, IV Hydration treatment or chiropractic session and meet up together for a meal all in one place.

This center is perfect for athletes who enjoy any sport — from baseball and volleyball to lacrosse and MMA.

IV Hydration is great for athletes who are trying to recover from their sport. In fact, more and more athletes are beginning to turn to IV Hydration for their recovery needs. So, what better place for our new location than in a place that is suited for any athlete in Colorado Springs.

Also, we love that all tenants were vetted to be the best in their field and many are local Colorado Springs businesses. As a local business ourselves, it’s great to be around other local businesses and seeing each one thrive in their own field, so joining The Farm Athletic Performance center was a no brainer for us.

If you’re an athlete looking for a way to recover from your training, schedule your appointment and visit us at our new location today!