Look and Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Newly weds holding hands

Your wedding day is undeniably one of the most memorable days of your entire life. It’s a day that will go down in history as the merging of families, hearts and lives. With this type of celebration, it’s always helpful when you look and feel your best. The wedding is only a few hours, but the memories live forever in the pictures and videos you and your guests capture. Looking and feeling your best goes so much further than just the fit of your wedding gown. Consider the following tips to put your best foot forward on your wedding day.

1. Secure Your Glam Squad

If you look at celebrities on the red carpet and magazine covers, they look perfect. However, they don’t wake up perfect. They hire glam squads to help them look incredible. For your wedding day, secure your own glam squad. This squad includes your hairstylist, makeup artist and more. Do a trial run with your hair and makeup to make sure you actually like your look. A makeup artist will encourage you to take great care of your skin to help with flawless makeup application. Consider visiting a hydration therapy clinic like Elevation Hydration in order to get an IV for glowing skin. The nutrients go straight into the bloodstream and provide benefits in ways that topical treatments fail to deliver.

2. Watch Your Nutrition

Health is wealth, and your level of health can shine through on your big day. On a daily basis, consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure your diet includes great sources of fiber in order to keep the digestive system operating properly. Drink lots of water and take your vitamins. When you take good care of your health internally, it’ll be easier to be a vision of health on your big day.

3. Remain Well-Rested

You’ll want to be alert and mentally present so that you can absorb the day. Many brides admit that they were so exhausted during the event that they struggled to remember the details of the day. By sticking to a schedule, you’ll be able to complete your wedding tasks, maintain your life and still get adequate amounts of rest. Try your best to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. A visit to a hydration therapy clinic also provides an immediate boost of energy to make it through an entire wedding weekend.

4. Move Your Body Daily

It’s pretty common for brides to be anxious and stressed out with the wedding planning process. Learn to release your stress in practical ways. You can experience calmed nerves when you move your body on a daily basis. Exercise can be as simple as a brisk walk in the neighborhood or 15 minutes of yoga. Release stress through exercise in order to experience that feel-good rush of endorphins and high energy.

When incorporating these tips into your wedding day preparation, remember to put them into practice in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding to reap the most benefits. Once you’ve enjoyed your special day, keep some of these tips in mind to look and feel your best in your marriage.