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Save time and consider our injectables.

If you don’t have time to sit for an IV (that’s okay, we are all busy..) and need a quick boost, our injections are fast and easy and calling your name. Whether you are facing fatigue, foggy brain or starting to feel a cold coming on, injectables are a great solution.


If you’re looking for a great pre-workout supplement or simply more energy, our Tri-Amino injection is a must. Three powerhouse amino acids promote increased strength and endurance along with less fatigue. Train harder, recover faster.

B-12 | $25

Increases energy levels, provides immune support, helps maintain a positive mood as well as supporting many vital functions in the body. B-12 is a common micro-nutrient deficiency among most individuals.

Biotin | $30

Strengthen your hair and nails with our Biotin injection. The lesser known uses for biotin include its role as a cofactor in numerous biochemical processes in the body. Look good and feel great by including Biotin in your health regimen!

CoQ10 | $30

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a powerful antioxidant which facilitates various organ functions and metabolism. With a direct role in mitochondrial respiration, CoQ10 will serve to combat fatigue and improve your cellular health.


The body’s master antioxidant that helps to detoxify and promote healing. As we get older, our Glutathione levels naturally decline. Enhance vibrancy and healthy skin appearance along with overall wellness.

VITAMIN D3 | $25

Helps with the proper absorption of calcium & other minerals, as well as promoting a healthy immune system, and disease prevention.

MIC+ B-12 | $30

MIC plays an essential role in the body’s use of fat & energy and helps to breakdown and metabolize fat in the body. The addition of B12 is designed to boost your energy while the MIC works to enhance the function of your liver so your body is transporting fat versus storing it. Add in L-carnitine and you have a powerful amino acid that also helps burn fat instead of storing it. Click here to learn more!

Folic Acid | $30

Also known as Vitamin B9, Folic Acid is imperative for fetal nerve & spinal development. In addition to fetal development, folic acid is vital for liver & heart health, digestion, brain function, healthy skin, hair & nails, and more!

L-Glutamine | $25

The most abundant amino acid found in the human body, L-Glutamine is critical for protein synthesis. L-Glutamine is commonly used for gut health and immune function. Hate getting hungover? Try taking L-Glutamine prior to a night out to mitigate the “Glutamine Rebound,” allowing yourself to catch a few extra hours of sleep, and prevent some of the unpleasant hangover symptoms such as anxiety.

*All injections can be purchased individually or in a package of 5. Packages are more cost effective compared to individual injections.