Try Elevation Hydration’s Pre-Workout IV Injection for All Your Outdoor Adventures

Woman doing rope workout

As the weather begins to warm up here in Colorado Springs, more and more people are getting outside and re-evaluating their workout routine. It’s a great time to decide how you’ll be spending the months of warmth and sunshine. So whether you want to hit the biking trails, practice rock climbing, or hike another 14er–or just do some simple running outdoors—it’s essential to prepare yourself so that your body can ideally manage your workout as you get out and explore our beautiful state in a variety of active ways.

Elevation Hydration has booster injections that can help your body be more prepared to do strenuous physical activity. Our pre-workout injection contains the following ingredients…

1. L-Arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid that aids in ammonia detoxification, DNA synthesis, hormone secretion, and nurturing the immune system. Researchers at the University of Exeter in England found that arginine could enhance the production of nitric oxide in the body–which significantly boosts stamina during high-intensity exercise. It was one of the first popular pre-workout supplements to hit the market, and it’s still around today. Paired together with the next two supplements, it can have amazing results.

2. L-Citrulline

L-citrulline is also an amino acid that is a popular pre-workout treatment–although in many cases it’s actually preferred over taking just arginine. What many don’t realize is that citrulline gets converted into two things when it gets processed by the kidneys: arginine and nitric oxcide. So it’s very similar to arginine in that it increases the blood flow during exercise. However, l-citrulline also can improve heart health, boost muscle growth and recovery, and increase endurance; it’s also absorbed into the body at a faster rate than arginine. So taking both arginine and citrulline can help complement each other and make sure both amino acids work effectively within the body.

3. L-Ornithine

L-ornithine works together with arginine to accomplish the the urea cycle. The urea cycle is a cyclical process where arginine and ornithine turn into each other in order to balance out urea and ammonia levels in the body. Too much ammonia levels can increase fatigue, so as ornithine reduces ammonia levels, an athlete will experience less fatigue during intense physical activity. Because ammonia levels have also been linked to stress, orthinine can also help you balance stress within the body both during a workout.

To sum it all up, the three acids aminos in this injection help to lower blood pressure and kick up your nitric oxide production. What this means is that your muscles get more oxygen so they don’t fatigue nearly as quickly. You will be able to cover more distance and perform at higher levels!

The best thing about all this? Taking these supplements through IV injection increases all of the benefits, because your body will absorb the nutrients more quickly into your system! That’s why Elevation Hydration does what we do–because we want to make sure that you get the results you want to see so you can enjoy your workouts and outdoor activities this summer.

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