IV Therapy for Jet Lag Recovery in Colorado Springs

 IV Therapy for Jet Lag Recovery in Colorado Springs

Whether you’ve recently returned from that once in a lifetime trip around the world, you’re a jet-setting executive or flight attendant who constantly travels for work, or even a night shift worker whose sleep schedule is out of whack from crazy hours; Elevation Hydration has an IV that will get you back to your normal routine in a hurry.

What is Jet Lag?

The medical term for jet lag is called desynchronosisis. It forces your body to want food when you need to sleep, and to sleep when it’s the middle of the day. It is a common occurrence among people that travel often and especially when they cross multiple times zones during the trips. Dehydration is also a major factor during travel especially in dry, un-humidified airplane cabins (aka “Germ Tubes”).

How Can IV Hydration Help You Recover From Jet Lag

Our Myers Cocktail is a supercharged multivitamin in a bag that allows for the rapid absorption of vitamins and minerals. This accelerated absorption enables your body to recover & readjust much faster than any over the counter medication or specialty beverage you might have tried in the past. If you’re looking to reverse jet lag and get your day back in less than an hour, we have your solution.

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