Become The Powerhouse You Were Meant To Be

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Elevation Hydration is the only IV bar focused on rejuvenation, restoration, and re-energizing the body so you can get more done, with less stress, and better health

These are just some of the benefits specially formulated IV infusions can give you. 

  • Improved Heart Health
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Better Athletic Performance
  • Increased Endurance
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Higher Energy
  • Fewer Migraines
  • Less Acute Stress
  • Improved Weight Loss

If you’re feeling like your energy, endurance, or clarity of thought just aren’t where they should be, IV Hydration with specially formulated vitamins and minerals can help.


Why An IV? Why Not Just Drink and Eat Right?

  1. Over 92% of people are vitamin deficient, so their bodies don't work like they should.
  2. As little as 20% of vitamins consumed orally are absorbed by the body.
  3. 90% of IV vitamins are absorbed by the body.
  4. IV Hydration can rapidly take a body out of "vitamin deficiency" and dehydration, helping the body work like it should again
Low Energy

Why Elevation Hydration?

IV hydration is more efficient in terms of absorbing vitamins and minerals. But even if you’re eating a perfectly balanced diet (and seriously, who is?) and are still feeling the effects of vitamin deficiency, your only option is to either take a bunch of pills (which don’t absorb well) or to eat more food (which is fine, if you've got a thing for seeing beer bellies in the mirror). 

IV Hydration isn’t the only way to stay hydrated and keep your body full of all the vitamins and minerals it needs to perform its best…

But it sure is the fastest and easiest.


Elevation Hydration has developed specially formulated IV’s focused on health, athletics, stress, and weight loss. 

If you don’t know which IV formulation you need, our staff has been trained to consult with you and recommend the best option for you. 

You can get basic and off-the-shelf IV formulations anywhere. Elevation Hydration sets itself apart by putting the most thought into our formulas to ensure the best experience and result. 

Oh, and unlike other IV bars, our patients tell us they rarely even feel the needle, much less complain it hurts.

So if you've been feeling down, out, fatigued, stressed, or just not quite as sharp as you used to, now's your time to give our specially formulated IV Hydration packages a try.