IV Vitamin Therapy Hydration Clinic in Colorado Springs


Elevation Hydration is the first hydration therapy clinic serving Colorado Springs and the southern front range and we are dedicated to helping you elevate your life.

Why we started Elevation Hydration

After receiving a cancer diagnosis several years ago and undergoing the standard treatment of chemotherapy, I realized a couple of things; I wasn’t presented all of my options when it came to getting and staying healthy, but why was I sick in the first place? Our bodies have an amazing amount of innate intelligence in order to fight off disease and protect itself from toxins. Medications aren’t always the answer either; sometimes we just need to boost our immune functions naturally to let the body do what it does best…..heal and stay healthy! That’s where intravenous vitamin therapy comes in.

How Hydration Therapy Can Assist Your Busy Schedule

Most of us are juggling stressful jobs with hectic work schedules, busy social calendars, workout routines, and some of us have families as well. Yet, we still have to find the time to eat healthy, exercise to stay in shape, all while still enjoying life!

The problem is, all these deadlines and responsibilities can lead to poor nutritional choices, little to no exercise, or sometimes both.  A whopping 50 percent of people taking multivitamins are still nutritionally deficient. These micronutrient deficiencies can lead to poor memory, loss of sleep, fatigue, decreased immune function, and more.

Elevation Hydration was founded with a passion for getting Coloradans back to the lifestyle they enjoy! IV therapy treatments are short, with a majority of clients experiencing an immediate boost of energy that can last for several days.

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Dr. Jeremiah F, Ellias
Dr. Jeremiah F, Ellias Overseeing Medical Doctor
Dr. Jeremiah F, Ellias is a board certified physician in Emergency and Internal medicine. He graduated from Cheyenne Mountain high school and attended undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona. He then completed medical school at Midwestern University in Chicago. After his residency in Philadelphia he returned to his home and family in Colorado Springs where he has practiced since 2005. He and his family have proudly been part of the Colorado Springs community for over 30 years.
Corey has spent most of his life in Colorado and thoroughly enjoys all the beauty this state has to offer. He is an avid rafter and outdoor enthusiast, but he most enjoys spending time with his beautiful daughter Bristol. Corey has served as both an EMT and Paramedic in Colorado Springs for the past 12 years and gained a majority of his experience responding to 911 calls for emergency service while working on the ambulance. Corey founded Elevation Hydration and has kept Colorado residents happy, healthy, & hydrated since 2016.