Rebalance & Rebuild From COVID with Elevation Hydration

IV therapy clinician with group of clients.

Why is everyone so mad at Joe Rogan? It’s a serious question. He doesn’t claim to be a medical expert by any means, but instead, uses his platform to invite highly educated professionals to discuss a variety of topics to include various therapeutics and medications for the treatment of COVID. It seems like most everyone is sick right now (good chance it’s the flu or the Rona) and people are looking everywhere for bio-hacks that keep themselves healthy, or at least help them recover quicker if they are sick. All I’m asking for is three minutes of your time to very quickly share what worked for me. One last thing before we dive in. I’m not a doctor, nor am I trying to portray one. I’m not giving medical advice or claiming that what worked for me is a magic pill, a “cure”, or guaranteeing the same results for you. But man, the regimen I used really did help!

Fevers are a good thing, let me explain why. Simply put, fevers help turn the immune system on and fight infection. When the body’s temperature increases, it helps immune cells quickly reach and attack germs. Infrared saunas are a fantastic way to increase the body’s core temperature and induce a state of hyperthermia (body temperatures above normal). Infrared saunas are extremely safe and seven times more effective and therapeutic than a traditional steam sauna!

I’m not exactly sure what I had but I can guarantee it was either the flu or COVID. Either way, I felt pretty awful, but I knew what I had to do. I had to get myself in the sauna to sweat out the bad stuff, then hydrate afterwards to put all those good electrolytes and immune boosting vitamins back into my system.

I made sure my team had the sauna cranked between 156°-158°. Once inside, I set a timer for 40-45 minutes depending on the day. Either way, the goal was to sweat like crazy. It might not sound like the most enjoyable activity to you, but when you’re sick, you want to “bake” the virus and sweat it out. Thankfully our sauna allows you to watch Netflix while you’re baking so that’s exactly what I did. Afterwards, I showered up to make sure I wasn’t reabsorbing those toxins back into my skin. After I was showered up & feeling better, I would do an Immune Tune IV to help replace those lost electrolytes and give myself a much-needed immune boost with Vitamins C & D, zinc, & glutathione.

I stuck with this protocol over the next few days, and I can tell you it helped tremendously. There were two different sauna sessions where I literally felt myself perk up and I had a noticeable improvement in my energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing. I cannot say this is the magic cure, and I definitely can’t guarantee the same results. This protocol worked wonders for me though and we have other clients that swear by it as well. We are sick of people being sick, so we created a bundle of sauna sessions & IV’s just for cold & flu because we want to see Colorado Springs healthy! We are here to help you “rebalance & rebuild” and we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about or infrared sauna or our Immune Tune hydration package.