Boost Your Immunity with IV Therapy : IV After COVID-19 Vaccine

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Now that the vaccines are becoming available in most locations, people are wondering how to boost their current immune system should they choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you recently just received the COVID vaccine, or maybe just got your new booster shot, then IV therapy may offer you a beneficial immunity boost and help protect your body. 

Many medical specialists are recommending undergoing fast, safe, and effective IV therapy after receiving the vaccine to increase overall immune system response in the coming days and weeks following this important shot.

If you choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine, IV hydration therapy near you can be a huge help!

Why an IV Drip After the COVID Vaccine Can Be So Beneficial

Citrus fruits that are high in vitamin C are often recommended for people suffering with symptoms of the ordinary cold, the flu, or another illness. This vitamin has long been known to be a natural antioxidant agent that helps the body kick its immune response into overdrive.

It takes time for the body to absorb vitamin C-packed foods and beverages, but a higher dose of vitamin C administered through an IV can deliver this necessary immune boosting compound within an hour or less. No downtime is needed afterward.

Thousands across Colorado have begun to realize the massive benefits IV therapy can have for their immune systems, using the treatment for numerous ailments.

After a vaccine shot, your body can feel run down, tired and in need of some vitamins or nutrients. 

IV therapy can help replenish vital nutrients your body needs, getting you back on your feet and ready to take on the day, whether you’re getting ready for the Colorado backcountry or just planning on staying home.

Common Benefits of Undergoing Immunity Boosting IV Therapy

The best thing about IV therapy is the ability to custom mix an IV solution, creating the perfect vitamin infusion to perfectly match your needs.

 As the social distancing rules continue to drag out month after month, many individuals have noticed that their anxiety levels have also skyrocketed. It should come as no surprise why so many feel rundown and depleted without an obvious cause.

IV Therapy for Immune Boosting Power

A high dose boost of vitamin C may help a person deal better with COVID, chemotherapy and/or radiation for cancer treatment side effects. Increasing your immune response is critical when you’re sick, and nothing does that better than an IV drip infused with powerful antioxidants and vitamins.

Fight Jet Lag With Infused IV Treatment

For quicker jet lag recovery, consider an IV infusion that contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and B-complex, as well as vitamin B-12. This is an excellent solution for fatigue and other problems that can be associated with jet lag or sickness. 

Faster Hydration, Faster Healing

Finally, keeping yourself hydrated and your immune system in overall good condition with IV hydration therapy might help you recover more quickly from the COVID-19 vaccine. While others struggle from post-vaccination body aches and other flu-like symptoms, you could experience fewer and less severe side effects thanks to IV therapy.

IV Immune Boost For COVID

If you are feeling sick or run down, it can be tough to face the day. Whether you have a cold, flu or COVID, IV therapy can help you get back on your feet and supercharge your immune system.

If you, like thousands of Coloradans right now, have recently come down with a nasty illness, it’s time to get your immune system in fighting shape. 

Elevation Hydration offers mobile IV services throughout Colorado Springs, perfect for those who aren’t feeling up to leave the house. 

Don’t wait until its too late! Contact us to set up an appointment to recharge your body with powerful antioxidants and vitamins via IV drip therapy. 


Experience the Best IV Hydration Colorado Springs Has to Offer

Although the human body is mostly made up of water and a few essential vitamins and minerals, when the body’s systems get out of whack, due to illness or other stress, the body’s immune response can also drop, sometimes substantially. IV solutions can be custom made to decrease chronic underlying stress and chronic tissue inflammation. It’s worth a try!

Getting the COVID-19 shot is a personal decision, but should you choose to get the vaccine to learn how we can help. Contact Elevation Hydration today &

Try the Immune Tune Hydration Package for an Overall Immunity Boost

Replacing depleted body fluids and restoring levels of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals has long been a popular and proven remedy to jump-start the body’s natural immune response. 

Vitamin C, zinc, and Vitamin D3 are combined with glutathione and mixed in a liter of the proper hydration fluid. This infusion given via IV may help a person suffering from a cold or other viral illness.