Use Our Party & Event IV Hydration Services at Your Next Holiday Get Together in Colorado Springs

Women at christmas party

How is that? We can bring IV hydration therapy to your holiday corporate events and celebrations in Colorado Springs using our party and event IV service! As Thanksgiving comes and goes, we all know what that means: The holiday season and Christmas is just around the corner! As you gear up for this festive time of the year, you know there’s going to be plenty of parties to attend. Whether you’re going to be inviting family and friends in for a home celebration or throwing a corporate Christmas party, Elevation Hydration in Colorado Springs thought we’d let you know that we can help you celebrate in a healthier way!

If you’ve never heard of the concept, having party and event IV services is actually a growing trend, and Colorado Springs now has this opportunity to boost their health in unprecedented ways through Elevation Hydration’s mobile services.

“So why would this be a thing?” you may wonder. Let us give you some reasons that having an IV handy at an event could be very beneficial for your loved ones and merrymakers.

1. Our IVs can help prevent and cure your party hangovers.

As everyone knows, holiday festivities can get a little rowdy at times. Whether it’s a Christmas Party or a New Year’s Bash, there’s usually drinking involved. What if you as the party planner could have the peace of mind that your friends or coworkers were getting the hangover treatment they need right away so that they aren’t caught off guard driving home or waking up horribly sick the next morning? IV hydration therapy packages like The Hang(Over) have proven effective in making sure that hangovers are prevented or stopped from getting out of hand.

2. You can help your party goers fight illness.

As flus and other killer viruses run rampant around the holiday season, why not offer your guests a chance to be on top of things and boost their immune system while still having a great time? The Immune Tune or the Myers’ Cocktail are both amazing preventative measures for catching a cold or something worse as people celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah.

3. You can help attendees beat that holiday weight gain.

It’s easy to throw caution to the wayside and gorge oneself at holiday events, but what if you could make sure that you’re going to absorb those sugar cookies with better ease? Your friends and family will love you for helping them feel less guilty about cheating on their diets this holiday season. Our MIC B-12/B6 (Sulfa Free) package is amazing for helping people burn fat in healthy, effective ways.

Our party and event IV services are offered with nurses who can walk you through the process in simple, professional manner, and they are easy to add to any kind of party or event. Contact Elevation Hydration today to ask about your specific needs, because we’ll have the perfect IV hydration package for your guests.