Elevation Hydration is Bringing IV Therapy to Lakewood, Colorado!

Aeriel shot of Lakewood, Colorado

Elevation Hydration, an IV therapy and wellness clinic, is announcing a new location in Lakewood, Colorado! Elevation Hydration started in Colorado Springs in 2016 as the first hydration therapy clinic along the southern Front Range in Colorado. Our medical teams are dedicated to helping all our clients and anyone visiting Colorado elevates their life through hydration and wellness!

We chose Lakewood, Colorado to be our third location of Elevation Hydration because the city has a positive offering of outdoor activities, including hiking and biking trails nearby, and is home to a large community of Coloradans. We are dedicated and ready to serve northern Colorado with our newest Elevation Hydration clinic!

As with our other two locations, IV rehydration & sauna therapy will be provided in our new location. We offer various IV drip packages for clients to choose from, and our trained teams can help pick the best IV package for you. Elevation Hydration also provides add-ons such as a tri-amino injection, B-12 add-ons for immune support and a mood booster, Glutathione for an antioxidant boost and detox, and more.

The Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy helps deliver vital nutrients, electrolytes, vitamins, and more to boost hydration and overall health in patients. IV therapy is a simple, cost-effective treatment for those looking to keep their body hydrated in Colorado’s dry climate, boost their immune system, detox, and many other wellness initiatives. IV therapy injects saline solution loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other healthy elements according to the package and add-on you choose directly into the bloodstream for a quick, direct delivery.

Depending on the package, patients can choose between drips that aid muscle soreness, help alleviate hangovers, promote recovery through hydration, and reduce the symptoms of jet lag and altitude sickness. Elevation Hydration offers IV packages of all sorts to help alleviate whatever ails you! Make Elevation Hydration your one-stop shop for overall wellness and hydration. You can find us in Colorado Springs, Monument, and Lakewood, Colorado.

About Elevation Hydration in Colorado

Elevation Hydration in Colorado remains dedicated to overall wellness for everybody and was founded on the mission to bring health through hydration to anyone who walks through our doors. Elevation Hydration owner, Corey, started the IV therapy clinic after receiving a cancer diagnosis years ago and undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Corey realized there were other treatment options aside from chemotherapy and standard cancer treatments, including IV therapy.

Our bodies can work intelligently when they undergo a healthy routine, from eating fruits and vegetables to staying hydrated day after day. In order to fight off disease and protect themselves from toxins, our bodies use vitamins, water, antioxidants, and many other elements. IV therapy can help give those much-needed elements and hydration to our bodies in a regular routine. Sometimes our bodies need an immune boost to naturally let the body do what it does best, heal and stay healthy! Elevation Hydration was founded on this concept, and to bring intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy to Coloradans.

At Elevation Hydration, we understand people in Colorado have hectic work lives combined with busy personal lives as most residents enjoy an active lifestyle with all of these great activities in our own backyard. That’s why we are proud to offer IV therapy with sessions under an hour to get you back to climbing 14ers. A majority of our clients feel the positive effects of their IV session for days after receiving it. Visit us at our new Elevation Hydration in Lakewood to see what a difference IV therapy can make in your life