Stay Hydrated in Colorado Summer Heat

Man walking sand dunes national monument with mountains in the background

It’s undeniable: summer is approaching. With the sun rising early in the morning, many rise with it, preparing for a day of hard work directly beneath its rays. Although many welcome warm summer days with a cold drink and toes in the water, the heat doesn’t receive the same warm welcome by those spending a hard day’s work outside.

For landscapers, roofers, construction workers, and more, the sweltering heat is an unwelcome sensation, and for some, it can have dangerous consequences. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two major dangers when performing physical labor in a high-temperature environment. The best method for preventing these scenarios is hydration, however, it is difficult to replenish and maintain fluids when vigorous labor induces extreme perspiration. Many people are familiar with the occasional headache or dizziness caused by a day outside in the sun, however, few people endure these symptoms of dehydration on a day-to-day basis. How can Elevation Hydration help you? The answer is simple: IV therapy!

Our mobile services come to you!

Suppose you’re on a job-site with a time crunch. Each team member is working hard, and breaks are taken as necessary, however exhaustion is prevalent.colorado heat As a team leader, it is imperative to ensure the well-being of your employees. As a method of mitigating the negative effects of dehydration, Elevation Hydration can send providers to your job-site to quickly and effectively rehydrate your team! Combat fatigue, achy muscles, and promote a good night’s sleep with a hydration package of your choice.

If a member of your team is starting to feel the effects of the sun & heat, choosing an elective service such as IV therapy prior to them becoming ill and being sent home for the day or to an emergency room means the event is not OSHA recordable. IV therapy has been shown to increase productivity and ultimately can help cut down on OSHA recordable events at your job-site which means projects are finished on time!

Our corporate memberships will keep your team effective, happy, and hydrated!

Investing in the health and wellness of your staff is worthwhile, especially in fields which induce fatigue and soreness. Elevation Hydration offers corporate memberships designed to address these needs. With membership IV’s, free B12 injections & recurring discounts, your employees can come to our clinic at their own leisure, or we can come to you!* Corporate memberships are designed to provide great value for our services, and the value you will receive from investing in your staff will speak for itself when it comes to productivity on the job-site.

*delivery fee still applies: $50 for groups of 1-5, $75 for groups of 6-10, and $100 for groups of 10+