Battle Dehydration this Summer with Elevation Hydration Infusions

Battle Dehydration this Summer with Elevation Hydration InfusionsDehydration is a topic that is important to talk about—especially in the summer heat. We know Coloradans lead an active lifestyle with hiking, climbing, and outdoors activities, and there are also many visitors [...]

How to Stay Hydrated in Colorado

Colorado is a beast when it comes to altitude. In the Springs, we sit at more than 6,000 feet above sea level. It’s why so many Olympians choose to do much of their training here. Whether you’re a longtime resident [...]

How to Stay Hydrated in the Winter

It’s pretty easy to tell if we’re hydrated or not in the summertime. We sweat, lose water, and try to replace it. We’re constantly reminded of heat stroke and exhaustion should we fail to stay hydrated. Not the same attention [...]

Hangover Remedy Myths

“Never again.” That’s what you tell yourself after a night of drinking and partying. No longer can you deal with the throbbing headache, nausea, indigestion, brain fog, and irritability. But then you go out with friends the next night. It’s [...]