Hydration for Athletes – Athletic Performance IV Hydration in Colorado Springs

The Hang(Over) ~ $99

This IV hydration therapy can bring you back from the dead after a night of drinking! A mix of B-Complex vitamins, and a double dose of glutathione to remove the toxic byproducts of the alcohol, infused into one liter of hydration. Learn more about this miracle cure in a bag!

Elevate ~ $65

Our basic hydration package to promote overall wellness and recovery. B-12 infused into one liter of hydration.

The Incline ~ $110

This hydration package is specifically designed for anyone who needs some quick and efficient recovery from the higher altitude. A mix of B-Complex vitamins (including B-12), and amino acids to help oxygenate muscles to fight fatigue. A can of Boost Oxygen is also included so you’ll be conquering those 14’ers in no time! Learn more about beating altitude sickness!